Mobile Advertising Beyond the iPhone

KF Lai, CEO of mobile social networking firm BuzzCity, cautions brands not to become too fixated on the iPhone 

The mobile advertising industry is experiencing explosive growth, as more and more brands and content owners realise its potential. A recent report by Gartner predicts that the mobile advertising market will grow from less than $1billion (£535 million) last year to surpass $2.7 billion in 2008, and $12.8 billion by 2011. Many members of the mobile industry have been quick to position the iPhone at the forefront of this boom, but we at BuzzCity believe that this forms only part of the story.
While the birth of the iPhone has certainly fuelled interest in mobile advertising among big brands in the Western world, the majority of mobile users in developing markets are still using simple mobile handsets such as the Nokia N73 for mobile Internet browsing. These users are prime targets for mobile advertisers in these regions, especially because the use of PCs is generally very limited, which makes it difficult to reach a more traditional online audience. Even in the UK, there is a large consumer sector which does not regularly access the Internet via the PC, but prefers to do so via mobile phone. This is particularly true for workers on the move, such as delivery staff or lorry drivers. 



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